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You don’t pay to get higher in the search results. Everyone on Crewlinker is sorted based on the matching filters and their profile completion score. The more effort you take to complete your profile and keep it up-to-date, the higher you get in the search results.

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“I found Crewlinker quite nice and user friendly, especially the part in sea service where vessels and IMO number are automatically added.”


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“Because Crewlinker creates uniformity in the naming of the different ranks, it will be a lot easier for employers in the shipping industry to find the right people.”


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With Crewlinker you’ll experience an efficient and quick job-hunting experience. We keep track of your certification’s expiry date and give you reminders to add your newest sea service. Plus, you can store all your documents in one place. So when you are contacted about a job, you can share your documents immediately!

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With our intelligent matching system, your search will not be limited to the keywords that you type. You can type in one keyword and find or be found by all. Crewlinker gives you all perfect matches and the ability to filter them simply!

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Our clear design and straightforward tools make us the most user-friendly seaman job site in the world.

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Adam van der Veer, founder and CEO of Crewlinker
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Easy to use and powered by artificial intelligence, Crewlinker’s web application makes it easy for crewing agencies, shipping companies and other employers in the maritime industry to find people in seconds, and with all the necessary competences. Seafarers can easily enter all their certificates and working experience to automatically create an in-depth resumé that helps them find jobs that fit their experience.

Priscilla van den Bogaard

Priscilla van den Bogaard

Head of Marketing
How to use your Linkedin with Crewlinker

Explore the innovative approach of Crewlinker in transforming maritime recruitment. We delve into the challenges of traditional and LinkedIn-based hiring, highlighting how Crewlinker’s advanced matching tool and smart filtering capabilities revolutionize the process. Crewlinker not only streamlines candidate selection from vast LinkedIn networks but also ensures a focus on high-quality seafarers. The platform simplifies recruitment, saving time and increasing efficiency for ship management companies and recruitment agencies. Discover the future of maritime hiring with Crewlinker's integration with LinkedIn, making the search for the right crew simpler and more effective.

Niayesh Sadrzadeh

Niayesh Sadrzadeh

Content Marketing Manager
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