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Oct 31, 2021

Crewlinker at the Open Day of the Nautical School Amsterdam

Crewlinker was at the open day Nautical School Amsterdam. We were there on Saturday October 30th to talk with the new generation of seafarers about their future and to introduce them to Crewlinker. A Crewlinker profile is also useful for those who are still studying to become a seafarer.

Footsteps that were imprinted with 'Maritime Officer' guided the visitors to the maritime department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. We’ve met both students who follow Maritime Officer Studies (MarOf) and pupils who are interested in this four-year bachelor.

According to the head of the program, Hubert Schaafsma, the study provides a good foundation in professional knowledge, but it is also a training that teaches students to bear operational responsibility. “A hands-on mentality is important in the maritime industry.”

Crewlinker for nautical students

Although nautical students do not yet have a full CV, a Crewlinker profile is useful for them because they can already start presenting themselves to the maritime and offshore industry. They stand out and are ready to be found for the first opportunities of their upcoming career.

We met for example David Booij in Amsterdam. He is a Maritime Officer student at the Maritime Academy in IJmuiden. He already created a profile. “As a nautical student I use Crewlinker to expand my network and to invest in my career opportunities”, says Booij.

I use crewlinker to expand my network and to invest in my career

David Booij

Nautical Student

Future seafarers can fill in their profile by adding their education, the certificates they already have obtained and internships they do or have done as part of their education. Also, they are able to mention, if they already know, which direction they want to go in their career.

Finding the right internship or first job

Soon, operators, vessel owners, and crewing agencies will be part of the Crewlinker network as well. Nautical students can then find a suitable internship or their first job opportunity. Employers will be able to efficiently scout the right students and graduates.

“I think Crewlinker is a great system because it works so easily and it is clear. Employers can see at a glance what kind of experience I already have as a final year student”, says Dion Beets, who also studies for Maritime Officer in IJmuiden.