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“Everything together on Crewlinker creates a much better story than going through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like the tip of the iceberg, but all the needed information is on Crewlinker. It saves so much time during the whole recruitment process.”

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“The maritime hiring process needs automation and optimization, all of which Crewlinker offers. When you go through Crewlinker, you can see that everything has been considered from the first step to the last step, specific to this industry.”

Dorin Mane

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Did you know that, on average, it takes 42 days for employers to hire the right employee?

Our smart and user-friendly platform allows you to save time, energy, and money while finding the most eligible crew in the maritime and offshore industry.

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Our intelligent algorithm and powerful search functions give the best searching experience. Easily filter on duty, certificates, vessel type, and more. End the endless scrolling, and start searching efficiently.

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2nd mate, Second Mate, S/O? Don’t worry about searching with different keywords. Type one keyword and you’ll find them all.

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Adam van der Veer

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