Master for General Cargo Ship

Posting date

6 Mar 2024

Salary range

8900 − 9500
usa flag USD ∕ 


Nautical worldwide

Duration of position

One term

Duration of one torn

16 weeks on board,0 weeks off board

Starting condition

20 May 2024


Candina Group S.L.U.


  • Ensuring that the voyage orders are fully understood and complied with.
  • Advising the Chief Engineer and Chief Officer of the relevant details of intended voyage.
  • Providing the Company and Charterers with accurate information regarding the cargo operations.
  • Advising the Company when instructions cannot be complied with or he is unsure of the intended voyage instructions.
  • Supervision of cargo system and spaces preparation including cleaning requirements.
  • The Checking and verification of cargo plans prepared by Chief Officer.
  • The Supervision of all cargo and ballast operations on board.
  • The monitoring of the vessel’s stress and stability throughout the cargo and ballast operations and during the voyage to ensure that they remain within the required limits.
  • The Completion, checking and signing as applicable of cargo documents.
  • Ensuring that Hours of Work are in accordance with STCW regulations.
Candina Group S.L.U.
OperatorCandina Group S.L.U.

JOSÉ MARÍA CANDINA, S.L.U® Join our crew in Candina has a long shipping business history, dating back to the year 1899, when it was first established as a company owner and shipping agent. All the experience built up throughout these years has consolidated this traditional family company as one of the most prestigious companies in the crew management, training and screening of marine personnel. JOSE MARIA CANDINA S.L.U ® accomplishes ISO.