Chief Engineer III/3

Posting date

3 Jul 2024

Salary range

1 − 2
usa flag USD ∕ 


Nautical worldwide

Duration of position


Duration of one torn

8 weeks on board,0 weeks off board

Starting condition



De Bock Maritiem
De Bock Maritiem
OperatorDe Bock Maritiem

De Bock Maritiem is a passionate and young shipping company with enthusiastic and professional employees. With its own ships and well-trained staff, De Bock Maritiem is successful in sea-river shipping. De Bock Maritiem is a specialist in dry cargo ships with low creep height and low draft. 'Indoor-outdoor' transport, as it is also called, is the shipping of cargo over coastal waters and inland waterways without transhipment. De Bock Maritiem: Ambitious in sea-river shipping!